Why You Should Consider Tooth Colored Fillings


When you’re searching for a Bakersfield dentist, look no further than Dr. Wallace who offers in tooth colored fillings. There are cosmetic dentists in Bakersfield, but Dr. Wallace will effectively present the case for tooth colored fillings over amalgam fillings. There are many reasons to choose this filling type over another, but the big two are your looks and your health.

More natural appearance

The first thing that people notice about amalgam fillings is their appearance. Their silvery or dark grey appearance looks black once it’s been sit into the tooth structure. The contrast of the white enamel and dark metal makes them look just as bad as the filling they’re replacing. Additionally, a metal amalgam filling can “bleed” color over the rest of your teeth. The whole tooth, and even neighboring teeth, can take on a greyish cast that is difficult to impossible to remove as long as the filling remains.

Trust that Dr. Wallace, your cosmetic dentist Bakersfield will put emphasis on making your teeth look as good as they feel. Tooth colored fillings make for a natural looking structure. The Bakersfield dentist that you choose understands that a natural smile is a big advantage in the job market.

Doesn’t expand and contract

From a structural standpoint, tooth colored fillings are sturdier than their counterparts are. While a mercury amalgam filling is easy to shape in the dentist’s office, once you leave it continues to be sensitive to heat and cold. Extreme changes in temperature cause the filling to expand and contract inside your tooth. Eventually, this will add up to damage to your tooth. Over time, it causes the filing to become loose, falling out entirely, or even loosening enough to allow decay under the filling. Not only that, but also prevents a toothbrush or floss from cleaning it out.

While some people never experience these problems with their amalgam fillings, these procedural risks do occur. Alternatively, tooth colored fillings don’t carry these risks, making them an overall, safer choice.

No worries about mercury

Amalgam fillings contain the metal, mercury. This keeps the filling material soft enough to shape. While many dentists still use mercury amalgams, and don’t worry about health risks, many more are moving away from mercury amalgams. Unbeknownst to many, these fillings vent mercury vapor into a patient’s mouth even after the filling is set. Many people who have their amalgam fillings removed and replaced with tooth colored fillings report less fatigue, feeling more alert, and even having a reduction in problems like migraines and hand tremors.

While more studies are needed in the USA, other countries have already moved to ban mercury amalgam fillings. Denmark, Russia, and Japan have already moved to discontinue their use. For cosmetic dentists who want see, in their own practice, the benefits of removing (or avoiding) amalgam fillings altogether, Bakersfield is a good place to set up.

While amalgam fillings are still popular, many cosmetic dentist Bakersfield, with local clients, believe this outdated procedure is on its way out. You should consider whether the benefits of a tooth colored filling make sense for your dental needs. A small change now could make a lifetime of difference.

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